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Villaege.com is a boutique holiday rental and holiday consultancy company established by a professional holiday team that has developed itself in different companies and missions in the tourism and holiday industry for many years. Villaege.com, which is a tourism paradise based on the choice of a staff who has proven itself in field and desk operations in the Aegean and Mediterranean coastline of our country and has successfully worked in the effective positions of many companies, guarantees its customers the most peaceful and trouble-free holiday experience.

Among the large companies of the "daily holiday house rental" sector, Villaege.com, with its knowledgeable and experienced team that manages more than 20,000 rental requests and holiday organizations, provides all the details that Villaege.com guests will need during a vacation, and all the details they will need during their holidays. It offers a complete and quality holiday experience with its staff, which carries out all the processes required for a smooth holiday.

As Villaege.com team, we provide you with a holiday consultancy for every customer and reservation request, support and consultancy service from the first reservation step of your holiday to the post-holiday comment process, to solve any problem without reflecting you and to have a peaceful holiday. offers private district consultancy and holiday coaching.

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Villa Ege

Beautiful holiday homes, villas and apartments with private pools. They're all waiting for you!

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