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Do you have the house you want to rent?

Do you have a summer residence, villa or apartment that you use for a short time or do not use? Let's work together and get a reservation for your home. As your house will be empty and worn out, earn income with daily rental, meet new people and host them in your home. Beautify your home with your income, maintain and pay your expenses. Get rid of the expenses of your home and get additional income.

Work with us, always win!

It is free to advertise on Villaege.com. It does not require membership, we create your advertisement for you. You do not need to deal with adding and editing ads. Our rental team will call you for the rental requests received after your advertisement is created and opened for reservation and transfers the request information to you. If your home is suitable to rent on the requested dates, it requests the customer prepayment and confirms the reservation. After the payment and approval processes are completed, it shares the customer information with you and completes the rental process. You just have to deliver your home in a nice and clean way to welcome the customer and have a pleasant holiday.

Villa Ege

Villa Ege

One system, the whole world!

The advertisements published on Villaege.com are opened after the control of our sales team and their accuracy is checked as a result of the evaluations from the customers. Advertisements, which are in good location, cleanliness and hygiene are rated, receive frequent requests and positive comments, are opened for sale by our sales team on Airbnb, Holidaylettings and Tripadvisor sites and their rental potential is maximized.

Host Rules

Creating an Ad:

Advertisers are the real owner of the property subject to the announcement or the representative who has the authority to use the residence on the principles in this announcement. Advertiser Villa Ege notifies the personnel of the advertisement information via email. The announcement consists of text and real pictures and images (not photomontage) that contain the essentials for renting the house. Pictures must be at least 1024 pixels and at most 4000 pixels.

Advertiser should provide complete information about the capacity, location, transportation, possibilities that the house can offer to the holidaymaker, daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal rental fee according to the calendar, and the return conditions if the vacationer uses his right of withdrawal.

Villa Ege staff checks the information of the advertisement, requests the missing information from the owner and, after completion, creates the advertisement on the www.villaege.com website on behalf of the owner.

Ad owner examines the opened ad, checks the photos and prices, gives approval by email if deemed appropriate and the ad is opened for reservation by Villa Ege staff.

The owner of the announcement knows and accepts that the information, pictures and visuals given are correct and complete, and that the responsibility arising from false and misleading statements, statements and images will belong to him.

Those under the age of 18 cannot request to add an ad.

What To Do:

Ad owner wants to rent; It performs compulsory and indispensable insurance transactions such as earthquake insurance to cover the dates of the rental period. It prevents damage, malfunctions and problems. Prepares for the use of the vacationer in a clean and well maintained manner as specified in the advertisement.

Optional Transactions:

If the advertiser wishes, he / she can make a rental agreement with the holidaymaker on the day of booking, while delivering the accommodation. The terms and obligations of this contract are valid between the holidaymaker and the advertiser. Villa Ege is not a party or responsible in this contract. If the advertiser is going to request a lease contract, he / she must inform the vacationer in writing in the advertisement information.


For reservations made through the www.villaege.com website; Excluding service fee, cleaning fee, damage deposit, if any, prepayment is calculated only at the rate of maximum 35% over the rental amount of the house.

This amount is requested from the holidaymaker to transfer money to Villa Ege official company bank accounts together with the Villa Ege service fee. After the prepayment and Villa Ege service fee is received, the reservation is confirmed and legal certainty is obtained. A definite reservation form is issued and sent to the holidaymaker and to the poster. The dates of the remaining payment in the final booking form are clearly written.

Remaining payment:

The remaining part of the total payment to be received before the prepayment and reservation checkin date is kept until the moment the vacationer approves the entrance to the house in Villa Ege escrow accounts for the purpose of protecting both the advertiser and the holidaymaker. It is automatically transferred to the host bank account after the vacationer's approval.


The owner of the advertisement, if he wishes, may submit an inventory of the materials, equipment, fixtures, written or visual fixtures, which are available at the accommodation, and which require special use of the house, with the mutual acceptance, the accommodation can be delivered to the holidaymaker and the same list at the exit. declares to the holidaymaker that control will be done together.

If the holidaymaker takes over the accommodation and enters the check-in process, the reservation is considered complete.

During the delivery of the accommodation, mandatory identity notification is made by the announcer.


It is the responsibility of the announcer to receive the accommodation completely during the check-out process. If there is an inventory list declared to the holidaymaker during the check-in process, it is checked and delivered with the holidaymaker. If there is missing or damaged equipment, the advertiser and the holidaymaker process the damage deposit collected by the advertiser during the entry process. Villa Ege is not responsible for situations such as damage or theft that may occur at the accommodation.

Villa Ege is not responsible for the inappropriate and negative behaviors to be made by the holidaymaker at the accommodation, the meetings, organization, the situations that will constitute a crime, and any crime to be committed at the accommodation.

After the accommodation is received completely, cleaning and maintenance for the next reservation is made by the advertiser and it is waited for the next vacationer.

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